Hikvision DS-K3B530X-L/M-Dp65(O-STD)

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14 pairs of infrared sensors, servo motor, MCBF  ? 12 million times, 30 to 60 persons per minute (The actual throughput is affected by the person passing rate and passing method), 650 mm to 1100 mm lane width, dimension: 1503 mm (49.59'') × 130 mm (4.29'') × 1003 mm (33.10''), brushed SUS304 stainless steel, thickness: 1.5mm mostly, Door wing material: Acrylic glass (default), stainless pipe, tempered glass, Built-in access controller, support wireless keyfob K7R01 series, When the power is off, the door will automatically open, Support ISAPI, IPX4;


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